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Mr. Show: 4 (The Complete Fourth Season) [2004]

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Plot Outline: This is a sketch-comedy show. The twist here is that all of the sketches (Even the monolouge) are connected in some strange way.

Actors: David Cross (II),Bob Odenkirk,John Ennis,Tom Kenny,Jill Talley,Mary Lynn Rajskub,Dino Stamatopoulos,Theresa Mulligan,Eric Hoffman,Sarah Silverman,Bill Odenkirk,Karen Kilgariff,BJ Porter,Jay Johnston,Scott Adsit,Brett Paesel,Paul F. Tompkins,Brian Posehn,Jerry Minor,Becky Thyre,Stacy Peralta,Keith Truesdell,John Moffitt

Year: 2004

Added on: Wed, Nov 16th 2005

sketch comedy
actor playing multiple roles
breaking the fourth wall
character name in title

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